BrownCo Manufacturing & Sales Now Operating as White Cap

April 15, 2024

Attention Valued Supplier Partner,   

In 2022, we announced that we are accelerating the transition process to bring many of our acquired businesses under White Cap’s operations and branding.  

As a legacy supplier partner and vendor, we want to share that the BrownCo Manufacturing & Sales location has transitioned to White Cap operations effective today, April 15, 2024.  

The impacted branch is listed below, as well as their new operating information that will need to be used for this branch moving forward.   

BrownCo Manufacturing & Sales:  
12039 E. Pine Street Tulsa, OK 74116 
(New Oracle Branch # 935)  

White Cap operating information effective today, April 15, 2024 for BrownCo Manufacturing & Sales:  

  • For all Inventory Vendors, all POs formerly associated with these locations will come from White Cap L.P. using the following information:
WCC – WC Headquarters 
PO Box 4955 
Orlando, FL 32802    

  • For all Expense/Indirect Vendors, all billing formerly associated with these locations will need to be submitted to White Cap L.P. Please utilize the following information.  

Indirect/Expense: PO Box 4946, Orlando FL 32802-4946 
Fax: 866-319-4539 
Utilities/Phone: PO Box 4937, Orlando, FL 32802-4937   

  • All invoices and statements formerly associated with these locations will need to be submitted to White Cap L.P. These invoices will have a new remittance address of:   

PO Box 4955 
Orlando, FL 32802-4955  

  • Please ensure you carefully review the “Ship To” information on all purchase orders. This ensures products are sent to the correct legacy branch location and not mistakenly shipped to a corporate White Cap location due to this change in company billing information.    

Thank you for your valued partnership! We look forward to continuing to work with you to provide exceptional service for our mutual customers.