Responsible Construction

Broad Product Portfolio

White Cap offers a wide variety of products to support our suppliers' and customers' ESG goals and reduce construction's climate and environmental impacts. These products include recycled rebar, geosynthetics and erosion control products, dust particle containment, low- / no-VOC solvents and coatings, and many other environmentally preferable products.

Responsible Sourcing

We’re committed to working with suppliers and customers to create a safer, more responsible construction industry. By coordinating with these groups, we can more effectively reduce the environmental impact of construction and create safer working environments for construction workers. Specifically, we work with our suppliers to mitigate emissions from production processes, reduce packaging material, and source fewer products requiring scarce resources.

Supplier ESG

White Cap is not only committed to incorporating ESG practices into our organization, but we also strive to hold our suppliers to the same high standard. We routinely discuss ESG issues, such as emerging product trends, increased transparency, GHG emissions, and other environmental initiatives with suppliers and work to refine our standards. We seek opportunities to partner with the best suppliers and enhance our distribution networks.